Flag Player Action
aymara siouxnr Observe Info
argentina gosset Observe Info
brittany pkv Observe Info
united_kingdom Carleon Observe Info
uae Obersturmfuhrer2 Observe Info
sicily glodato Observe Info
hre elizabeth Observe Info
sarmatia Mongol Observe Info
afghanistan belosarios Observe Info
none Observe Info
antarctica zabuza Observe Info
almohad Harun al rashid Observe Info
himyar Romolo Observe Info
england golflima Observe Info
shawnee eks Observe Info
iraq Zarquon Observe Info
kenya unxc Observe Info
usa Jaylin Observe Info
germany tom38 Observe Info
texas stype88 Observe Info
egypt_ancient beanformer Observe Info
switzerland meccena Observe Info
united_kingdom asdcoolot Observe Info
greece_ancient Raulongo Observe Info
almohad kapkarl Observe Info
egypt_ancient Qpalwoskeidj Observe Info
mamluk toomuchtime Observe Info
colombia txjimbob Observe Info
usa gberdine Observe Info
gupta jaysa Observe Info
west_papua frazee Observe Info
wales Ely Observe Info
italy Green Cheese Observe Info
japan James Observe Info
ireland Hildegunst Observe Info
vermont NotHer Observe Info
monaco_alternative Natet Observe Info
britannia kaykay Observe Info
nicaragua Eslender Observe Info
gupta aleja Observe Info
etruscan lailaaa Observe Info
cornwall kayla Observe Info
usa kemari Observe Info
paeonia sdfdf Observe Info
united_nations Tsunamii Observe Info
usa skylar.p Observe Info
usa Prince Vegeta Observe Info
antarctica Laloutre Observe Info
Game Title State Action
Private Flexturn | World Domination Practice Session | Password protected Running Play Info
Private Longturn Game Robert74 Running Play Info
development version: beware Running Play Info
New Freeciv-web Multiplayer Game Pregame Play Info
New Freeciv-web Multiplayer Game Pregame Play Info
New Freeciv-web Multiplayer Game Pregame Play Info
Game Info
Late-join bonus gold ensures FAIR-START™ in the first 12 turns.
Turn Action
LongTurn Game 30 | MP2-BRAVA | 20 players, 300 tiles pr player | Fair islands | No tech trade | Ask in Discord for password 116 Play Info
LongTurn Game #32 | MP2-BRAVA | 35 players | Large Europe map | 20% tax on all acquired tech 7 Play Info
LongTurn Unrated #14 | NEWCOMERS AND BEGINNERS ONLY | MP2-BRAVA | 30 players | 250 tiles per player | 70% land 1 Play Info
LongTurn Unrated #13 | BEGINNERS ONLY | MP2-BRAVA rules | 30 players | 10% Tax on Diplo Trades | FRACTAL 63% land | 10-turn FAIR START 64 Play Info
LongTurn Unrated #10 | MEGA-GAME | 80 players | Random generator, 80% land, 225 tiles pr. player 144 Play Info
LongTurn Unrated #12 | MP2-BRAVA | 30 players 250 tiles/player | 63% land | 20% tax on all non-researched tech 84 Play Info
LongTurn Unrated #11 | BEGINNERS and NEWCOMERS only | 1 turn/day | Fractal Continental Map, 80% land | 25 players | 10-turn FAIR START | MP2-brava ruleset 121 Play Info
LongTurn Game 31 team game | MP2-BRAVA | 14 players | Fair islands, 2 players pr. team | 200 tiles/player | 30% land | 80% tax on tech trade 76 Play Info

A Play-By-Email game is a deathmatch on a small map with up to 4 human players, playing with alternating turns, and players get an e-mail every time it is their turn to play. These games are often played over a long time period, each player has 7 days to complete their turn.

To start a new Play-By-Email game, log in here. To play your turn in a running Play-By-Email game, click on the link in the last e-mail you got from Freeciv-web. Games are expired after 7 days if you don't play your turn.

Ongoing games

Players Time left

Current player is marked in bold underline.

Finished games

Winner Game Date Player 1 Player 2
Ratchetreacher 2021-06-13 Ratchetreacher (W: 3) Batonka (W: 0)
Lajoskatona 2021-06-10 Lajoskatona (W: 2) Harcur (W: 0)
Ratchetreacher 2021-06-01 Ratchetreacher (W: 3) Batonka (W: 0)
Bitsome 2021-05-30 Bitsome (W: 3) Triplesub (W: 4)
Blin 2021-05-24 Blin (W: 1) Dijkstracula (W: 0)
Johnnysalami98 2021-05-20 Johnnysalami98 (W: 2) South22 (W: 0)
Lajoskatona 2021-05-20 Lajoskatona (W: 2) Harcur (W: 0)
Triplesub 2021-05-20 Bitsome (W: 3) Triplesub (W: 4)
Jefe 2021-05-19 Jefe (W: 1) Snake (W: 0)
Kukusse 2021-05-17 Kukusse (W: 5) Dwdanworld (W: 4)
Dwdanworld 2021-05-16 Dwdanworld (W: 4) Jamabusi (W: 0)
Kukusse 2021-05-10 Dwdanworld (W: 4) Kukusse (W: 5)
Dwdanworld 2021-05-09 Jamabusi (W: 0) Dwdanworld (W: 4)
Thatoneboixd 2021-05-04 Thatoneboixd (W: 2) Slicmcrick (W: 0)
Johnnysalami98 2021-05-04 Johnnysalami98 (W: 2) South22 (W: 0)
Tomkjmc 2021-04-22 Tomkjmc (W: 1) Sourcejedi (W: 1)
Thatoneboixd 2021-04-22 Thatoneboixd (W: 2) Slicmcrick (W: 0)
E3dmc2 2021-04-20 E3dmc2 (W: 1) Jaschka (W: 0)
Sourcejedi 2021-04-15 Tomkjmc (W: 1) Sourcejedi (W: 1)
Triplesub 2021-04-06 Bitsome (W: 3) Triplesub (W: 4)