Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. The game commences in prehistory and your mission is to lead your tribe from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Freeciv can be played online in your web-browser for free.

Play against the Freeciv AI with 2D HTML5 graphics
Play against the Freeciv AI with 3D WebGL
graphics using the Three.js 3D engine
3D WebGL
Start on a scenario map, such as
World map, America, Italy or Japan.
Start or join a game with multiple human or AI players.
Start a play-by-email game where you get an e-mail
when it is your turn to play.
Play by Email
Play multiple human players
on the same computer
Play a Freeciv-web One Turn per Day, where up to 300 human
players play one turn every day:

0 singleplayer games and 0 multiplayer games.
Total number of singleplayer and multiplayer games played for all players globally since 20th February 2016

Multiplayer and One Turn per Day games:

Game name State Turn Players Actions
Unrated #2 | NEWCOMERS GAME: MP+ rules | Continental 64% Land | 1 turn/day | 25 players Running 94 21 players Play Info
Longturn TEAM Game 24 | Password Protected | 24 players | MP2 rules Running 118 17 players Play Info
Longturn Game 25EXP | RESTRICTED DIPLOMACY | Tropical Islands | 1 turn/day | 45 players | MP2 Rules | 10-turn Fair Start | Join now! Running 42 45 players Play Info
Unrated #1 | Tropical Islands | 1 turn/day | 30 players | Newcomers welcome | MP2 | 10-turn Fair Start | Join now! Running 117 23 players Play Info
Unrated #3 | Regicide,Tech Leak,Spaceship | 23h turns | 75% Land | 40 players | MP2 rules Running 7 39 players Play Info
New Freeciv-web Multiplayer Game Pregame 0 None Play Info
New Freeciv-web Multiplayer Game Pregame 0 None Play Info

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"Freeciv is best 11 of top 50 free PC games!"

"Freeciv available in HTML5 browsers, worldwide productivity plummets" - "a version of the classic turn-based strategy game that we can play in our browsers thanks to the witchcraft of HTML 5. There's an installable version, too"
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Freeciv is open source software released under the GNU General Public License. Developers and 3D Artists are welcome to join development.


Tomcat Python
Three.js Blender