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Game Title State Action
Scenario: Europe Running Play Info
New Freeciv-web Multiplayer Game Pregame Play Info
New Freeciv-web Multiplayer Game Pregame Play Info
New Freeciv-web Multiplayer Game Pregame Play Info
New Freeciv-web Multiplayer Game Pregame Play Info
Game Info
Late-join bonus gold ensures FAIR-START™ in the first 10 turns.
Turn Action
LongTurn Unrated #18 | PANGÆA Megacontinent! | Open for all | MP2-Caravel | 50 players | 80% land | 70% blueprints 36 Play Info
LongTurn Game #36 | Islands | MP2-Caravel | 25 players | 35% land | 70% blueprints 41 Play Info
LongTurn Game #35 | World history will be recorded by GM and published when game ends | MP2-Caravel | 25 players | 63% land | Full diplomacy 64 Play Info
LongTurn Game #34 | ASIAN STEPPES! | MP2-Caravel | 30 players | 90% land, single pole, wrapx | 70% blueprints 94 Play Info
LongTurn Unrated #17 | NEWCOMERS AND BEGINNERS ONLY | MP2-Caravel | 20 players | 63% land | Diplomacy enabled, 70% blueprints 82 Play Info
LongTurn Unrated #16 - Island game | NO EXPERTS | MP2-Caravel | 28 players | 70% land | 70% Blueprints for tech 150 Play Info

A Play-By-Email game is a deathmatch on a small map with up to 4 human players, playing with alternating turns, and players get an e-mail every time it is their turn to play. These games are often played over a long time period, each player has 7 days to complete their turn.

To start a new Play-By-Email game, log in here. To play your turn in a running Play-By-Email game, click on the link in the last e-mail you got from Freeciv-web. Games are expired after 7 days if you don't play your turn.

Ongoing games

Players Time left

Current player is marked in bold underline.

Finished games

Winner Game Date Player 1 Player 2
Nicksmidstra 2022-01-23 Nicksmidstra (W: 1) Martinchemnitz (W: 0)
Lcc1729 2022-01-18 Lcc1729 (W: 7) Xanderrho (W: 0)
Blin 2022-01-17 Blin (W: 7) Bugbaddru (W: 0)
Dannysux 2022-01-13 Dannysux (W: 1) Elevenhornycats (W: 3)
Elevenhornycats 2022-01-13 Elevenhornycats (W: 3) Drdogbot (W: 1)
Piphi 2022-01-11 Piphi (W: 8) Lc426 (W: 0)
Greedygoldmine 2022-01-10 Greedygoldmine (W: 2) Trick0909 (W: 0)
Lcc1729 2022-01-10 Lcc1729 (W: 7) Xanderrho (W: 0)
Drdogbot 2022-01-06 Drdogbot (W: 1) Elevenhornycats (W: 3)
Jonasakerman 2022-01-03 Jonasakerman (W: 1) Aokerman (W: 1)
Jaschka 2022-01-03 Jaschka (W: 3) E3dmc2 (W: 1)
Bog 2022-01-02 Bog (W: 2) Finnurtg (W: 0)
Aokerman 2022-01-02 Aokerman (W: 1) Jonasakerman (W: 1)
Blin 2022-01-01 Blin (W: 7) Bugbaddru (W: 0)
Lcc1729 2021-12-24 Lcc1729 (W: 7) Xanderrho (W: 0)
Lcc1729 2021-12-23 Lcc1729 (W: 7) Kismet (W: 2)
Merc 2021-12-21 Merc (W: 1) Piphi (W: 8)
Piphi 2021-12-18 Piphi (W: 8) Lc426 (W: 0)
Piphi 2021-12-14 Merc (W: 1) Piphi (W: 8)
Blin 2021-12-10 Blin (W: 7) Joharski (W: 1)